Kaoru Okumura butoh

2016.11.03: Beyond the Metaphors – Butoh x DeepDream,
in Arts and Machine Learning Summit
at Google Cultural Institute Paris. Sponsored by Google Art and Culture

Kaoru Okumura is a Japanese Butoh artist,
based in Seattle area from 2008.

“Kaoru moves with crane’s grace and silk tenderness, musing with music.”
by Esse

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    Second Growth @ Bemis Arts Biannual

    photo by (c) Wendy Simons

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    Hijikata Tatsumi’s memorial 2017 in Seattle

    2017.01.21 @ Theatro de la Psychomachia

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    Photo by Jason Renek

[0:00] Butohlet – Credo, quia absurdum
[3:44] Youmiachi Gusa
[7:13] Shadow Flower

Orasho – The Prayers of Nagasaki [highlights]: @ Seattle Butoh Festival 2017
Stage Art: “FatMan” by Yukiyo Kawano. Sound: “We mourn those buried by water and earth” by Virgines Vestales; “Orasho – prayer of hidden Christian” by Joy Von Spain & Vanessa Skantze. 2017.04.09

Coming Performance

January 25, 2020

    January 25, 2020
    ArtXchange Gallery, 512 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104, USA

    Saturday 1-3pm.
    Collaboration with Yuko Ishii's Art at ArtXchange Gallary -  Performance by Kaoru Okumura & Vanessa Skantze
    Join us at ArtXchange gallery on Saturday, January 25th from 1-3 pm for a live Butoh performance by Seattle-based dancers Kaoru Okumura and Vanessa Skantze. This intimate performance celebrating the eternal cycles of regeneration and rebirth is presented in collaboration with exhibiting artist Yuko Ishii, inspired by Ishii’s newest series, Healing Magick. 

    ArtXchange Gallary  512 First Ave South. Seattle, WA 98104