(c) Jason Renek
(c) Jason Renek

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  • SHIRANUI  (Mysterious lights on the sea of Minamata) – World of Woe, the Pure Land 苦界浄土 #2” 5/23/2015, at Georgetown, Seattle
  • Photographer: Jason Renek, Devilish Photo
  • Choreography and music arrange by: Kaoru Okumura
  • Performed by Kaoru Okumura & Aoi Lee
  • in event “ILLUMINATA Nocturna II: Multimedia Warehouse
    Masquerade” organized by Esse Quam Videri

Kaoru Okumura is Seattle-based Butoh artist. She has enjoyed performing in Seattle Butoh scenes from 2008.

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(c) Wendy Simons
(c) Wendy Simons

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Shadow Flower: A trace of an old prostitute, taste of ancient memory, the path she passed, a fixation on the fainting memory, and desperate plea for forgetting these memory, and a flower to be remembered and to be forgotten…

  • 2012.07.07: http://youtu.be/HsBIr5e-gyY [19:29] 1080p HD available. as a part of Noh/Butoh Lecture and Performance at Taoist Studies Institute, Seattle WA

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